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in Ireland

We are specialists in the area of international cross border labour assignments. We provide a wide range of services to individuals who have been temporarily assigned to Ireland. We also assist employers with matters pertaining to cross border assignments of employees.


Foreign nationals who are assigned to Ireland, will require tailor-made expatriate advice on his/her personal situation and the tax consequences of emigration.


Compliance services such as filing the annual income tax returns and related compliance matters are also provided.


We tailor our services to the specific needs and wishes of our client, which allows us to offer standard compliance services and complex tailored tax planning advice as required

The compliance services which we provide to expatriates include:


  • Tax Registration Assistance with the application for a work and residence permit

  • Preparation and filing of your annual income tax return and that of your spouse

  • Application for the special assignee relief programmes or foreign earnings deduction relief

  • Preparation and filing of requests for preliminary tax refunds Review of and appeal against tax assessments


The compliance services which we provide employers of expatriates include:


  • Tax registration Assistance with the application for a work residence permit of employees assigned to Ireland

  • Assistance with the preparation of an employment agreement Application for the Special Assignee Relief Programmes, Foreign Earnings Deductions Relief or Employee Exclusion Orders

  • Set up and maintain payroll prepare and file employer payroll returns

  • Ongoing monitoring of compensation packages for employees and key people

  • Corporate compliance and registration of the company, branch, representative office or subsidiary

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