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Taxtalk is a tax, accountancy and business consulting firm based in Ireland. Our experience makes us ideal for companies and individuals who need advice on Irish and International tax issues.

Morita Kelliher - Founder & Principal


TaxTalk is a team of professional experts providing advice in the area of Tax Law and Accountancy. The group is led by its founder, Morita Kelliher, who is an accountant and chartered tax advisor with years of experience advising clients on tax matters both personal and business related. We offer a suite of services to provide you with the best solutions and options for your business or individual circumstance. 

The services we offer include: Tax advice, Revenue audit assistance, compliance services in  Accountancy, Tax, VAT, Corporate Structuring, International Trade, Imports/Exports/Customs, Cross Border Global Expansion, Company Formations and Company law.

"One of the reasons I founded TaxTalk was to make tax planning more accessible to people who want to pay less tax in their business and personal affairs. Planning ahead for your tax liabilities should form part of any good financial plan for a business or person. Avoiding unplanned tax liabilities can save a business a lot of financial stress. The right tax knowledge can also make your business more profitable and add real cash to your bottom line. Businesses should review their corporate structures, tax liabilities and tax reliefs every year as their circumstances change. TaxTalk aims to plan ahead for tax payments and save you as much tax as possible by availing of tax reliefs and structuring. 


Revenue Tax Audits are a speciality of,  We represent clients in their negotiations with the Revenue Commissioners before or during an audit. We can manage the tax audit on your behalf with less direct involvement from you. This is a hugh benefit to any business or person who do not have the time or expertise to deal with the challenge of a very involved  audit process. We strongly advise clients to proactively deal with tax problems early and avail of the voluntary disclosure facility to settle with Revenue. Businesses can end up paying more tax, interest and penalties because they are not fully aware of their  options, and how to deal with an audit. "

"When it comes to Revenue audits, there is just no substitute for experience and knowing who to contact is a great start to solving any problem""


We also advise companies coming into Ireland setting up a business for the first time. We can manage the company formation, tax registrations, structure, day to day finances including bookkeeping, accounts, tax returns, VAT and payroll.


Fees are competitive and you are assured of a professional and personal service at all times.

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