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Keep up-to-date with the latest tax news and releases from Revenue

There is a host of new information coming out weekly from the Revenue Commissioners and other sources.TaxTalk will keep you up-to-date. Check back regularly for new updates.

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Budget 2015 

Budget 2015

The budget for 2015 was delivered by the Ministers for Finance and Public Expenditure on October 14th. The Finance Minister ended his speech by referring to a 'new road for a new Ireland' and stated that 2015 would see an end to 7 years of austerity. We outline here all the major changes to both personal and business taxes.

eBrief No. 80/2014: 

e-Day, September 19, 2014

The National Payments Plan (‘NPP’), approved by Government, recommended ending cheque usage between Government and business in 2014. In this regard, the Department of Finance established 19th September 2014 as e-Day . This is the date from which Government Departments/Offices, Local Authorities and State Agencies will no longer use cheques in their dealings with businesses.

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eBrief No. 79/2014: 

VAT MOSS registration now available online

Revenue eBrief No. 70/14 and Tax Briefing 02/2014, detailed new EU VAT rules in respect of supplies of Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Electronic (TBE) services to consumers (B2C) which will come into effect from 1 January 2015. To simplify obligations of suppliers of TBE services a new special scheme known as the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) will also come into operation on 1 January 2015.

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eBrief No. 78/2014: 

eRCT bulk rate review

The eRCT Bulk Rate Review is an integral part of the eRCT system. A Bulk Rate Review consists of an automatic review of the RCT deduction rates of all subcontractors registered in the eRCT system based on their tax compliance over the previous three years to date. The review is run on a periodic basis in any given year.The most recent Bulk Rate Review took place on Friday 5 September 2014. As a result 10,810 contractors had their RCT deduction rates amended either upwards or downwards, depending on their compliance track record.

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Budget 2014

Budget 2014

In what is a change from the normal procedure, the Minister for Finance announced the Irish Budget for 2014 in October this year, well ahead of the regular December date. I contains €2.5 billion in spending cuts and tax increases. Click on 'Read more' to find out the dettails.

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